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Saleh Khana Banks Telephone Numbers
(Saleh Khana Branch)
  • Muslim Commercial Bank (MCB) - 650430
  • Allied Bank Limited (ABL) - 650355
  • National Bank Of Pakistan (NBP) - 650377 
  •  Habib Bank Ltd (HBL) - 650133 
  •  Bank AL Habib (BAHL) - 651456 
  •  United Bank Limited (UBL) - 650111 
  •  Bank of Khyber (BOK) - 651094
Saleh Khana is a village in Nowshera District of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan. Like other parts of Pakistan, some of the people of this village are living and working far flung parts of the world. To name but a few countries; the United Kingdom, United States, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Canada, Germany, Brunei, Singapore, Ireland and Portugal. However, it is often referred to as 'Little England' because so many people from Saleh Khana live in the UK. The name Saleh Khana means home of the civil/good people (Saleh -Arabic for good and Khana Urdu -for home). In Aylesbury the Salihene Centre (full name Ghausia Salihene Centre charity registration number 1081207) is named after Saleh Khana- name chosen by Zard Ali Khan (Douran Khell) and Nazar Mohammad (Amirjan Khell), when they were President and Secretary of the Pashtun Association Aylesbury and whilst Nazar Mohammad son of Ghulam Habib son of Ghufran Khan, was a trustee and Secretary of the Ghuasia Salihene Association.The people of this village are Pashtun of the Khattak tribe which is sub-divided into many khells (Clans) for example: Amirjan Khell, Mond-Khell, Qurban-Khell, Mein Khell, Douran Khell, Tatar Khell,Amin Khell (Joolagon) and Ghon Khell. The Ghon Khell are further divided into the Malikans (Maliks) this is the Chief of Saleh Khana - the first Malik was Malik Bahadur, Malik Kajeer, Malik Sherzada, Malik Akbar Zada, Malik Arshad Hussain and now presently Malik Noor Zada. Other Khells include:Lamawar Khell, Manga Khell, and many more. The language spoken in the village is Pashto of a dialect that was formed by Khushal Khan Khattak (1613–1689).This village is surrounded the very high Cherat mountains. Within the Cherat mountains is the former British Hill station or Cantonment which is still occupied by the Pakistani Army, it mainly consists of army training for Pakistan Army, namely the elite Special Service Group of Pakistan Army. The Cherat Fort is closed to public. Cherat, which is 4,500 feet above sea-level, was first used as a sanitorium for troops in 1860, because of its clean and constant fresh breeze. The village is known for their slogan "The few - the proud".This is the only village in Pakistan which has seven banks (also with a high rate of foreign currency: Allied Bank, Habib Bank, Muslim Commercial Bank, United Bank, National BankHabib Bank AG Zurich and Bank Al Habib.Land is at a premium and compares with Islamabad in value per square foot. This high value of land often causes fights and firing of rifles over lands. It is also the cause of much litigation in the courts.In the United Kingdom people from Saleh Khana are found in Birmingham, Manchester and Aylesbury. Prominent members of Aylesbury people include: Councillor Niknam Hussain, Councillor Raj Khan both former Mayors of Aylesbury Town and former Councillor Barrister Nazar Mohammad and long time Justice of the Peace In Birmingham many are doctors and lawyers.The Kotli Kalan bazaar is worthwhile visiting. It caters for every palet and requirement. It has a nice ambience. In Saleh Khana Javed Gul's son of Chaman Gul (Amin Khell) fast food takeaway is famous for its boiled kidney beans. Its a not to be missed taste. His shop is located in the Amirjan Khell part of Saleh Khana in Ghufran Khan square.People origanting from Salehkhana have spread to all corners of the world. At present there is Pak Pakhtoon Association in the UK city of Birmingham. Members of Pak Pakhtoon Association consist of taxi drivers,labourers,teachers, army officers,pilots,engineers , doctors etc. One engineer stands out more than any namely Engineer Shazad Khan,son of Haji Niaz Bahadur Khan, who has been honoured to have worked in the Blessed Land of Makkah & Madina. His experience and study of that area has won him respect from many Muslim Associations.
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