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Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Planet Venus in Front of Sun - Don't Miss Your Last Chance Ever to See a Venus Transit , Next Time it Happens You'll be Dead

Venus transit day is here! The brightest planet, Venus, will pass right in front of the sun beginning at 22:09 UTC today (5:09 p.m. CDT on June 5 in the U.S.). Greatest transit is at 1:29 UTC on June 6 (9:29 p.m. CDT on June 5, or after sunset in the central U.S.). More about transit times below. This transit of Venus will be the last one for the 21st century. It will take place across a period of nearly seven hours on June 5-6, 2012, and, for many places, sunrise or sunset will occur while the transit is in progress. During the transit, Venus will appear in silhouette as a small, dark dot moving in front of the solar disk. This exceedingly rare astronomical event – a transit of Venus – won’t happen again until December 11, 2117. You must have proper eye protection to view the transit.

Depending on where you live worldwide, the transit of Venus will happen on June 5 or 6, 2012. If you live in the world’s Western Hemisphere (North America, northwestern South America, Hawaii, Greenland or Iceland), the transit will start in the afternoon hours on June 5. In the world’s Eastern Hemisphere (Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia or New Zealand), the transit will first be seen at sunrise or in the morning hours on June 6.

   This Chart shows the times of the 2012 transit of Venus in Universal Time (essentially the same as UTC). You will need to translate the times as shown on the chart above to your time zone

In the world’s Eastern Hemisphere, it’s as equally important to find a level eastern horizon on June 6. For Africa, Europe, much of Asia and western Australia, the sun will rise (on June 6) as the transit is taking place. Elsewhere in the Eastern Hemisphere, the transit will start in the morning hours on June 6.

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